Q. When making my air travel arrangements, where do I fly into and out of Spain?

A. You should make travel arraignments to fly into Madrid and to fly out of Barcelona. We will provide you with a complete itinerary once you have made your booking deposit.

Q. What will the weather be like?

 A. June and July in the cork forest regions of Spain will be very much like the Southwest region of the US. Temperatures in the days will range between high 70’s to mid 80’s, dry and arid. The nights will cool to very comfortable temperatures.

Q. What kind of clothing should I bring?

A. Causal, warm weather clothing will be the best choice. There will be no “formal” dinners or events. If you want to protect against the Spanish sun, any type of UV protection clothing or hat are recommended. We will traveling for 11 days, with no laundry facilities available, so pack like Indiana Jones would.

Q. How will I be traveling?

A. We will be traveling by mini coach throughout the tour. Our journey from Seville to Girona will be by AVE, high speed train. These trains travel at speeds of up to 310 km per hour (190 mph). They are very exciting and comfortable. There will be great photo opportunities from the large windows! The train has full amenities, including wifi.

Q. Who will be my guides?

A. One of the principles of Two Birds One Stone Eco-Tour Company along with a member of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance will be your tour guides and will be with the group the entire tour.

Q. Is there any “unstructured” or free time?

A. Yes, we plan to allow for extra time in the forests for hiking, nature watching and photography. There will also be free time in each of the cities we will be visiting.

Q. What kind of foods will I be eating?

A. Spain has a varied and rich gastronomic culture, based upon centuries of influences from the Romans to the Moors. Breakfasts will include breads, eggs, cereals, yogurt, fruits, pastries, meats and cheeses. Depending on the region we will be visiting, lunch and dinner will include many different types of meats, seafood, poultry and fish. Pork is the number one meat product in Spain, so expect to see it on every menu, served in many different ways. We will also be enjoying the wines and beer from each region.

Q. What about vegetarians?

A. The small villages and restaurants that we will visit may not be able to offer a great many vegetarian options, but there are always vegetable choices on all of the menus, as well as great cheese and fruit offerings. We do not recommend this tour for vegans, as it will be nearly impossible to accommodate those food requirements.

Q. How much physical activity will I be doing?

A. As we will be visiting three different forest regions, there will be a considerable amount of “light hiking” in the forests. In Andalusia and Catalonia the forests are more mountainous and a good pair of hiking boot/shoes is recommended. We will also be taking guided walking tours of three UNESCO cites. As most of the streets are cobblestone, a good pair of walking shoes is also recommended.

Q. What is the maximum number of travelers for each trip and do you accommodate single travelers?

A. To create the greatest amount of economic support for our tour partners and people of the cork forests, the minimum number for each tour is 8 travelers, with a maximum of 10. This ensures that the environmental impact we have on the forests is minimal and that each traveler’s experience is “individual”. We can accommodate one single traveler per trip, with a 25% supplement of the tour’s cost. If there is more than one request for a single traveler, we will contact those potential travelers to see if they would be interested in room sharing.

Q. Do I need to speak Spanish?

A. No, but if you do, can you teach us? We recommend a small “Spanish phrase” book. It is always appreciated if you try to speak a little Spanish.

Q. Will my cell phone work in Spain?

A. Please check with your cell phone provider to see what coverage and services they provide. Roaming charges can be quite high in the EU. Cell phone coverage in Spain is as good as in the US. Obviously in the more remote forest regions, coverage will be sketchy.

Q. What if I have to cancel my reservation due to illness or emergency?

A. We will refund 100% of your deposit if you need to cancel within 30 days of your departure date. Within the 29th day of departure, 50% of your deposit will be returned. As an additional precaution, you may want to look into traveler’s insurance.

The CFCA receives no financial profit from these tours, as we believe the best way to support the cork forests and its people is to ensure that all profits created by these tours remains in Spain and with the people of the cork forests, who it will benefit most.