Thoughts on the Whole Foods Markets partnership

It’s the end of the day, April 6th and I’m still in shock and amazement at what has happened today. A dream of mine has come true and I couldn’t be happier. In a national press release, Whole Foods Markets announced its partnership with Cork ReHarvest, to collect natural wine corks in all 292 stores in the US, Canada and the UK. It has been 18 months, hundreds of emails, phone calls and flights to bring this to fruition. It was the hardest and most satisfying work related accomplishment I have ever been involved in. Today’s press release about our partnership is not the goal line it’s just the beginning. It’s the job of everyone at Cork ReHarvest to make sure the program runs smoothly, that all people who have cork to donate have a place to bring it and to always remember that our mission is to help save the cork forests. Everyone who helped bring this train into the station, you know who you are, should take a moment and inhale a deep breath of pride, it was no small feat and I am honored to have shared the ride with all of you. Tonight I sleep the sleep of someone who knows there are still great accomplishments to be had in life and very little time to revel in them.