Trip to Portugal Winner!

In an effort to raise awareness about conservation of the cork forests of the Mediterranean and natural cork recycling, Willamette Valley Vineyards (WVV) teamed up with The Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) and Amorim Cork to sponsor the 2nd annual cork collection contest.  For every 3lbs of cork (approx. 375 corks) a person brought to the Better Living Show in Portland, they received a raffle ticket.

At the close of the show on Sunday and after collecting an estimated 30,000 corks, WVV Founder Jim Bernau pulled the winning ticket. Greeted with a congratulatory phone call from Jim and the CFCA director, Patrick Spencer was Joseph Sliger of Vancouver, WA. Joseph brought 40.6 pounds of cork to the show earning him 13 raffle tickets and ultimately the grand prize; airfare, lodging, and meals for two to visit the cork forests and cork production plant in Portugal. Way to go Joe!