What do we do with the cork?

I’ve received a number of comments about our new website, thank you all for your feedback! One of the questions that has appeared a few times is, “How is the cork being recycled?” Great question, here’s the answer. As the cork is collected across the US and Canada, it is being sent regionally to one of three recycling centers to maintain our goal of zero carbon increase. West of the Rockies the cork is going to Western Pulp in Corvallis, Oregon. Western Pulp is grinding up the corks and mixing them with recycled newspaper, to make a shipper for the wine industry. The shippers are molded to the shape of the bottle and secure it for safe shipment from wineries to their customers. East of the Rockies and West of the Mississippi the corks are going to Yemm and Hart a cork floor tile manufacturer located just outside St. Louis, Missouri. East of the Mississippi the cork are going to Jelinek Cork in Oakville, Ontario Canada, who makes a number of industrial and consumer cork products. Please visit the websites of our recycling partners to learn more: www.westernpulp.com www.jelinek.com www.yemmhart.com As the website continues to develop we will add a page to show the products being made by our partners.